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February Voting

RyanCode a posted Mar 3, 15

    Last month we received a fair number of votes, however, we need a lot more in order to get more players on the server. The top three voters of last month will receive their rewards for their placement in the voting contest as described in last month’s article.

Here are the results for February:

1st place: JohnEdward01 with 199 votes.

2nd place: sboywild with 101 votes.

3rd place: electrixlion with 81 votes.


Winners will receive their coupon codes shortly.


For this month’s voting contest, first place will receive a $100 coupon code for the shop, second place will receive a $75 coupon for the shop, third place will receive a $50 coupon for the shop, and fourth place will receive a $25 coupon for the shop! Good luck to all those competing!

Update: New voting reward, Vote Points, Read more about the addition here.



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