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Hello Everyone,

      I'm here to share updates to come within the upcoming month. To start off, we will be updating to 1.8 in the next week or so with the release of our finished Skyrim map! (Progress can be viewed at and a live dynmap can be viewed at )

      I'm also here to discuss Mob Disguise. We're fully aware that current VIPs and higher do not currently have access to any Mob Disguise commands, the issue is that there is no current compatible version of the plugin with our current spigot build. We also cannot update to future 1.7 builds due the bans being corrupt.

      With that aside, here are the August Voting Contest winners and the details of September's Voting Contest!

1st Place: Bennyball123
2nd Place: DavisT15
3rd Place: Tmasroy

      Now, for the details of this month's voting contest.

1st place will receive a $40 coupon code for the shop.
2nd place will receive $20 coupon code for the shop.
3rd place will receive a $10 coupon code for the shop.

      The SkyrimCraft Staff Team.

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