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Hello Everyone,

      So, recently quests have been added to the server (Seeing as they have been updated to work with our server version). As it seems like there is no good in-game help menu for this plugin, you can see everything here that you need to know. The quests listed below are currently place holders until we have much more complex skyrim related quests later added on.

Quest commands:
/quests list - List all quests available to you.
/quests take {Questname} - Accept a specific quest.
/quests quit - Quit your current quest.
/quests top - Ranks players by their quest points.

Current Quests on the server:

Diamond Miner
Objective: Mine 15 Diamond Ore on the server.
Rewards: $1,000 and 1 Quest Point

Mob Hunter
Objective: Kill 102 Zombies & One Skeleton (Because Leedle).
Rewards: $1,500, One Quest Point and 100 experience points.
(NOTE: You cannot complete this quest in Mob Arena or you will not get all rewards).

Catch Fish
Objective: Catch 16 Fish
Rewards: $250 and 250 experience points

If there are any bugs, it is best to post them at Please don't post the same bug twice!

Lastly, here are the winners of last month's voting competition.

Tied for 1st Place: wnick2000 and Camcraftblocks with 132 votes each!
2rd Place: Shaiminleavid with 72 Votes

Now, for the details of this month's voting contest:

1st place will receive a $50 coupon code for the shop.
2nd place will receive a $25 coupon code for the shop.
3rd place will receive a $10 coupon code for the shop.

   The SkyrimCraft Staff Team

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