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Hello Everyone,

   We are happy to announce that custom crafting has been added to the server, while a formal tutorial on custom crafting will be made available in-game as soon as possible, take this chance to find out these recipes on your own to get a upper hand in PvP before then!

  We also have added the ability for donators to have particle trails, there are 20 to choose from. Check out the item descriptions on the shop page in order to see which trails can be used for each rank!

  The final thing on this list is our Voting competition, we received a large amount of votes this last month, and we hope to have the same amount of support this month!

Here are the winners of this month's voting competition:

1st Place: hiellke2 with 100 Votes
2nd Place: dagger8796 with 37 Votes
3rd Place: o_Miney_o with 32 Votes

Now, for the details of this month's voting contest:

1st place will receive a $50 coupon code for the shop.
2nd place will receive a $25 coupon code for the shop.
3rd place will receive a $10 coupon code for the shop.

   The SkyrimCraft Staff Team

landscape85 Zachary, if you try to join the server and it says you're banned, then the appeal wasn't accepted.
ZacharyChi how do i know if ban appeal has been acepted or not?
ItsAdxm What is the plugin(s) called that this server used for custom crafting, items and drops?
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