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SupremeLordAce ao posted Mar 1, 14
Hello Everyone,

      There is a lot of good news after the bad news of the reset. I'll start with how the server is coming along. The server is back up! With it we've added a ton of new things, from the return of the Chairs plugin to even new skills & spells.

      In updating the plugins, we've added new spells, a new mcMMO skill, and some new plugins like Chairs. New changes to Towns were also added. We hope to have MobArena & Admin shops up soon. We are also hoping that voting works, however it may not work perfectly. There are some forum threads about some of these new changes, be sure to look for them if you want extra info.

      There will also be a voting contest for March. It's the one year anniversary of the very first one. The one that got us to the front page or even the number one slot on some server lists. The rewards will be given for the top five voters this month. The rewards will be coupon codes, first place will get a $100 coupon code, second will get a $50 code, third gets a $25 code, fourth a $10 code, and fifth a $5 code.

      SkyrimCraft Staff Team
slicarhead is there a new contest for this month?
flamesguy @Jcats1172 I'm having the same problem too. I don't know what's going. I just hope it gets fixed soon.
99Karsten When do the winners of the Voting contest get their Coupons?
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